Hi, my name is Dominick and I am a 20 year old self-taught Photographer and videographer from West Palm Beach, Florida. Photography is not only a hobby for me but it literally fuels my life, it has consumed my life so much that I have dedicated all of my spare time to editing photos, learning new techniques, and taking photos daily. It's always been a dream of mine to open a studio that will service clients who may not that have the resources or opportunity to have professional photography done. I want to open a studio in West Palm Beach that will not only provide exceptional professional photography to everyone but will remain affordable and available to all income levels. As well as allowing creative students and teens the opportunity to work within a studio and learn the ins and outs of studio lighting and photography. So I am asking for your help, starting a studio is very expensive so if you can help me out by donating any amount to help fuel my passion and fund photodom studios. You will be making my dream come true and bringing affordable, quality studio photography to West Palm Beach. All donations will go towards purchasing equipment, and real estate costs.