So first welcome to my blog I always wanted to start one because I constantly have millions of ideas on my mind at any given moment and I constantly get asked questions about myself so this is an outlet for myself which I hope grows into a community of other likeminded photographers and artists who think just being good isn’t good enough and won’t settle for second best. The only option is to be great or don’t be anything at all that’s how I feel. So now on to today’s topic:

The other night while reading this book titled “Best business practices for photographers” by John Harrington and essentially this book is like a guide for freelancers like myself on everything business related. In one of the sections titled “The conundrum of Doing Nothing” the author talks about a moment when he photographs some famous person (I forget the name) but while photographing him the guy says “The Art of doing nothin’ is probably one of the most profitable things you can do, because it sets you up to be doing something.” Now at first I was like wtf is this guy talking about but after rereading it a few times it hit me. What he’s saying in relation to being a photographer is by saying no to certain assignments because the budget is not within your profit margin it’s better to just turn down the offer and say no. But you may think “oh $100 is better than making nothing” but no it’s actually not because with that thinking you’ll only become more forgiving of low-ball rates and only draw in more clients with that same mentality that they can always find quality somewhere cheaper" (Which makes absolutely no fucking sense btw). What you do want are clients who recognize your greatness and are willing to pay you what you deserve. I feel like this is one of the biggest challenges to overcome as a freelance photographer because there will always be cheap people no matter how great you become.

That’s my daily two cents for today. If you have any comments or questions below and you can even subscribe to my blog posts you can see everytime I post something new. I’m excited to answer questions, do tutorial videos, anything you guys want to hear about.